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Silver Surfer

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SKU: KM7009-Col2

Product Type: Revo Coated Collection

Vendor: The Ever Collection

Do you know that Silver is associated with grace, glamour, and wealth? Why not surf-board gracefully through your outdoor space with these sleek designer Silver Surfer Revo Sunglasses, and save the fashion world?

Crafted by sleek subtle Wayfarer style, captivating silver-mirrored lenses, and cool light-grey frames, you’ll surely strike a look of raw and authentic charm wearing these!

Resistant to messy oils and dirt, and shields rogue AV lights from harming your eyes. With rich colors to choose from, here is your ideal fashion conqueror!


  1. Sleek with Revo Coating. Will accentuate your good taste of fashion
  2. Resistant to Oil and Dirt ensuring your accessory is spick and span!
  3. AV light protection for your enhanced eye safety outdoor 
  4. Unisex and With Color options to fit your taste and style
  5. Your full gift package. Comes with a protective hard case, microfibre pouch, and a cleaning cloth

  Package Contents:

  • 1x Silver Surfer Sunglasses
  • 1x Protective Hard case, Microfiber Pouch,  & a Cleaning cloth


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The Ever Collection sunglasses collections has been hand-crafted by skilled artisans using only the finest quality materials. Each piece is carefully packaged and shipped to ensure that each pair is perfect. To ensure years of satisfaction, do not subject your product to extreme temperatures hot or cold. Should your sunglasses be exposed to rain, dust, dirty, oils, sweat or any other outside sources please wipe carefully with the included microfiber soft cloth to minimize any damage. When not in use place your designer sunglasses inside your Protect Hardcase or Microfiber pouch, to ensure safety from scratches or any kind of damage.

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