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Choosing your ideal choice of lens can prove a tad difficult since you have too many options to choose from. But even within this sea of options, mirrored and polarized sunglasses still seem the most in-demand choice for most people.

How does each of these lenses stack up against the other? Are mirrored sunglasses better than polarized? These and many more will be the focus in this mirrored vs polarized sunglasses review.

What Are Polarized Sunglasses?

Polarized lenses contain special filters in them that block out horizontal lights that are known to form glares. Depending on one’s angle to the sun, the light from the sun will get reflected, refracted, or absorbed.

Metal, water, and other hard surfaces can reflect sunlight, forming glare in the process. When this comes into contact with the eyes, it could cause discomfort and momentary blindness. Even worse, the harsh glares can cause severe damage to the eyes and vision over time.

The glare from sunlight can also cause problems when driving under strong sunlight or cruising on the water. However, with polarized sunglasses, your eyes can be protected from glares and you can always have a clear vision.

Polarized Sunglasses Benefits

Polarized sunglasses have a lot of benefits and are a popular choice among most people. Some of the most important benefits include;

  • Blocking out surface reflections and harsh glares
  • Reduces light distortion even under extreme weather
  • Improves clarity of vision and the purity of color
  • Can help reduce eye strains and ocular headaches
  • Great if you’re fishing or enjoying water sports, etc

What Are Mirrored Sunglasses?

Most people in search of an alternative to polarized lenses often see mirrored lenses as a viable option. As the name suggests, mirrored sunglasses come with a mirror coating that also helps to reflect light away from the wearer’s eyes. But then, it can be difficult and uncomfortable to make eye contact with companions due to the mirrored finish.

Mirrored Sunglasses Benefits

Mirrored sunglasses also have a host of benefits that include;

  • Better light reflection compared to regular sunglasses
  • Ample protection from ultraviolet radiation
  • Suitable for bright atmospheres such as on the water
  • Unlimited choice of lens colors

Mirrored vs Polarized: Which is better?

If you’re trying to understand which of these is the better option, then there actually is no straight answer. Both of these have different areas where they excel.

Polarized sunglasses, for example, are great for everyday use in bright and extreme weather conditions. They are also great if you’ll be going on the water whether for fishing, boating, or some other water sports. They are also a great choice for people with light sensitivity and most people who want optimal performance often see them as the better option.

On the other hand, mirrored sunglasses are also great. They are also good for use on water and in winter conditions. They also have this stylish reflective look but can be somehow problematic for companions making eye contact.

While both of these lenses do not scratch easily, scratches on mirrored lenses usually appear more dramatic, standing out from the rest of the surface. But then, a sunglass can be both mirrored and polarized and choosing your ideal glasses between mirrored vs polarize sunglasses will depend on your choice and preferences.

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