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When finding the right sunglasses based on your style, durability, and what’s in fashion, you can easily be baffled with the exhaustive number of choices in stores.

The frames alone come in a vast range of varieties, let alone the shape, type, and color. What kind of frame will suit you best? Among the two most desirable ones in the market: frameless vs metal frame sunglasses, what’s the better option?

Let’s check out the benefits of each to pick the best material for glasses frames for your next pair of shades.

Frameless Sunglasses

Rimless or frameless sunglasses isn't new in fashion. It's a retro style that makes a comeback every now and then to lay an impression. If you're in search of the trendiest eyewear to beat the heat this summer, hot frameless sunglasses won't go amiss. Autumn Pheonix from our Revo collection is bound to impress you if you’re fond of frameless sunglasses.

Pros Of Frameless Sunglasses

●     Unobstructed View

Without those dark frames coming in the way of your vision, you'll be able to look clearer and without any obstructions.

●     Lightweight

Without the extra baggage of frame, your rimless sunglasses are comfortable to wear.

●     They look cool!

These low-profile, exuberant sunglasses are a charm to wear no matter what the occasion!


Cons Of Frameless Sunglasses

●     Extra care

The regular rimless sunglasses will demand extra care since those delicate lenses don’t have any protective frame around them. However, with frameless sunglasses at Evercollection, this won’t ever be a problem! The superior polycarbonate material we use in our lens is impact-resistant, shatter-resistant, and built for long-term durability.

Metal Frame Sunglasses

Metal frame sunglasses are equally classy! It’s no wonder every other celebrity is seen wearing one! From the hottest aviators to the classic round sunglasses, metal frame shades come in a variety of styles to choose from. You’ll even find them in fashionable square frames like our Autumn.

Let’s check out the benefits of metal frame glasses:

Pros of Metal Frame Sunglasses

●     Lightweight

With the thin metal frames you find in sunglasses nowadays, it barely adds any pounds over your rimless eyewear. They’re light and comfortable to wear all day.

●     Durable

With the shatter-proof, scratch-resistant lenses, corrosion-free durable metal frames add even more protection. Together, you have a pair of shades that will last you years.

●     Many choices

With metal frames, you have bundles of choices. Choose stainless steel, titanium, nickel, or aluminum, each with their own set of benefits.

Cons Of Metal Frame Sunglasses

●     Not many colors

While the lens color is totally your choice, and you’ll find a great number of options to pick from, the frame itself only comes in limited colors.

What Will You Pick?

With so many options, frameless vs metal frame sunglasses can be a challenging decision. On the brighter side, no matter what you choose at Evercollection, you'll look nothing short of stunning! Frameless and metal frames are both very much in style, and chances are they're here to stay in the fashion world for at least a couple of more decades!

Frameless vs metal frame sunglasses - what do i pick?

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