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Ordering Questions

Yes, you can change and cancel your order after you have placed it. Send us a message Via our Instagram, Live chat or email us at We ship items pretty quickly, so the sooner you can contact us regarding the changes the better. 

No worries! Often times your email gets inputted incorrectly. If you didn't receive a confirmation email within the first 14 hours after placing your order. Send us a message via Instagram, Live chat or email us at  

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Other Questions

Ever Collection NYC's business model is built around creating the highest quality products and then selling them direct to consumers for a fraction of the normal retail prices. This cuts
out the distributors, the retailers and the sales people, who all need to get paid.

While we understand that you want to offer these great products, we want to keep our business as we started it -- from the manufacturer directly to the consumer without anything
in between. While we would like to thank you for wanting to promote our company,
we don't use any retailers or distributors.

Ever Collection NYC strives to protect any information used on our websites. Your privacy and the privacy of all users of is very important to us. 

Our policy is based on the principles of notice, choice, access and security in the collection and
use of all information regarding our users and their activities at our site.

Click here to read Ever Collection NYC's full privacy policy. Note this policy is subject to change at any
time by without notice to you.  

Product Questions

No. not all of our sunglasses are polarized. We have labeled all of our polarized and sports sunglasses and placed them in a category on our website for easy viewing. 

Polarized sunglasses:

Unfortunately at this time we don't carry any replacement parts for our sunglasses. Fortunately, if you need to buy a new pair, our sunglasses are not expensive. 

Yes of course you can. Our protective hardcase if available online. No purchase of any sunglasses is necessary - we do recommend that you do purchase a pair just to complete your style. 

To clean off your sunglasses and lens, use a microfiber cloth or the microfiber pouch - other materials such as; your clothing, paper towel or any other materials other than your micro fiber cloth and pouch will run the risk of scratching or leaving debris on your lens. 

To avoid any scratches, we suggest keeping your sunglasses in a protective hard case or a microfiber pouch when you're not wearing them. 

All sunglasses by Ever Collection NYC have a 400 UV protection. That means our sunglasses block light rays with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers, which are some of the tiniest
UV rays. This includes UVA, UVB and UVC rays

 We always stress keeping your designer sunglasses in a safe place when they're not
being worn. We suggest a hard case over a soft one, as it's more durable and
offers more protection around your sunglasses to help avoid being damaged.
Check out our
Protective sunglass Hardcase.

The lenses found in our sunglasses are made with very high quality Polaroid Ultrasight lenses and should only be cleaned with a microfiber cloth. Other cloth materials run the risk of
scratching and damaging the lenses. While our sunglasses are waterproof, we don't suggest them being left in the water for a long period of time. If they do get wet, it doesn't hurt to pat them dry.

Yes. All of our sunglasses are made with high quality material that won't rust or get damaged when wet. You can however, wipe any liquid off your sunglasses with the microfiber pouch or cloth that your sunglasses came with. 

We pride ourselves in using only the highest quality sunglasses lenses on the market. They have scratch resistant layers, impact resistant materials, shatter proof lens and UV filters. It's
very difficult to scratch these lenses. In fact, to ensure that they almost never get scratched, we include a highly protective case and a microfiber towel to use to clean your lenses. We urge that you take good care of these sunglasses to avoid any scratches.

If for some reason, your sunglasses was delivered with a scratch on the lenses email us at If you some how scratc hed your sunglasses after the warranty period you will have to order a new pair. Unfortunately, these lenses cannot be replaced.  

Sunglasses by Ever Collection NYC are currently manufactured overseas, primarily in China. Asia is actually where most of the world's sunglasses brands are currently manufactured, so it is a natural sourcing location. The designs for our sunglasses are made in house at our New York location. 

Ever Collection NYC sunglasses are high-end sunglasses, designed and manufactured with the same quality as sunglasses that cost $150 to over $300. Because of our direct to consumer model we're able to sell our sunglasses for very reasonable prices. Some people are hesitant because our prices are so inexpensive. Trust us, there is no need to pay middle men anymore. Our sunglasses are among the highest quality sunglasses you can buy. 

Although your sunglasses won't rust, the metal finish can tarnish. To avoid tarnished hinges, be sure to dry off your shades should they get wet. We promise your hinges won't be a problem. 

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