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Colored sunglasses don't just exist to match your outfit for the day or make a fashion statement. If you get one from the right source, they'll also offer the protection your eye keeps begging you for. In fact, sunglasses' primary role is to protect your eyes from the sun and artificial light sources. Being on top of fashion is just an added perk that comes with the protection.

So you have colored sunglasses lying on your side table and are wondering if they're going to be any help while driving on a bright sunny day? It really depends on the specifications of that particular pair.

Does Color Of The Lens Offer UV Protection?

One thing you should know is that UV protection does not come from the tint of your shades. So if you're wearing yellow shades, you can't be sure if your eyes are protected from the harmful UV rays. To put it in simple words, your shades' color won't block the unwanted UV rays from reaching your retina.

Only if the packaging mentions UV-protection clearly, or if it’s genuine Revo-coated sunglasses, you can expect a good degree of protection against UVA and UVB from reaching your retina. Head to our store to find the best Revo-coated pairs for all-rounded protection of your eyes.  

Do Color Sunglass Lenses Offer Any Protection From The Sun?

Protective sunglass lens color guide

While it's clear that the lens color won't offer you any UV protection, it does affect how light enters your eye. Choosing the right colored sunglasses can improve your vision, reduce the strain on your eyes, and filter out specific wavelengths, depending on your shades' color. All in all, colored sunglasses can offer substantial protection from the sun, provided that you pick it from the right source.

At Ever Collection, we offer the widest range of colored sunglasses, optimized for maximum sun protection to reduce the constant strain on your eyes and keep your eye health at its best. 

Which Color Should You Choose For Maximum Eye Protection From The Sun?

Protective sunglass lens color guide

Different colors of the lens offer various benefits to the wearer. Think of the primary reasons for wearing shades in the first place to pick the right variety. If you wear them in low-light conditions, yellow or orange sunglasses might suit you better than other colors. Blue or purple shades work best on a foggy day since they improve color perception.

However, since you’re looking for the colored shades that’ll offer the best protection against the sun’s glare, let’s focus on that for now.

Here are some of the most popular colors for your sunglasses to pick for wearing on a sunny day:


Grey is the most common choice for fishing sunglasses since it reduces bright glares, especially those bouncing off the water. Grey-colored sunglasses work ideally on sunny days, whether you're driving, fishing, or just out on a walk. Check out our Emperor, best suited for sports activities on a sunny day.


Brown or Amber

Brown or amber shades reduce glare and allows a comfortable vision on a bright day. If you’re into sports, like golf or baseball, brown or amber shades, like Autumn, might suit you better.


Green shades are growing quite popular these days, thanks to their ability to reduce glare and strain on eyes from bright lights. Emerald City is an excellent choice for casual everyday wear and outdoor activities.

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