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Those multi-colored sunglasses you see are more than just a fashion statement - but only if they’re genuinely Royaux-coated sunglasses. The rainbow effect on Revo sunglasses looks stunning, there’s no denying it, but there’s more to it than meets the eye!

The name “Royaux” is creating a major stir in the sunglasses trend. So what’s the technology all about, and are Revo sunglasses the right ones for you? Find out all about the growing trend before you make a decision.

What is the Royaux Technology?

Royaux technology is the NASA-based Light Management System technology that accurately caters to the complete light spectrum. Harnessing the NASA-based technology, the multi-layered Royaux coating on sunglasses protects your eyes from damage and improves your vision.

Lightweight polycarbonate material is used for the base. Besides that, a series of coatings are applied to both sides of the lens for enhancement in its performance. There are 9 layers in a real Royaux coating. Each layer has a unique purpose. Together, they reduce reflection, glare, strain on the eye, repel sweat and fingerprints and enhance contrast. In short, it makes your vision better than ever!

Why Choose Royaux Sunglasses?

Would you choose Royaux sunglasses? Here are some reasons why they’re definitely the ones to go for:

  • Reduces strain from blue light

Ever wondered why working on the laptop for too long strains your eyes? It's because digital screens give off a particular wavelength of blue light that won't just make your eyes dry and tired, but can also cause more severe health issues. Royaux sunglasses are optimized to protect your eyes from the harmful wavelengths of the complete light spectrum.

  • UV protection

UV rays can gradually cause permanent damage to your eyes. Royaux sunglasses block UVA, UVB, and UVC, making sure you never have to worry about your eyes before stepping outdoors.

  • Glare

That blinding glare from the sun or sunlight reflecting off water can be more than a nuisance. They stress your eye muscles, weakening them in the long run. Royaux sunglasses protect you from all that unwanted glare.

  • Polarized

There may be tons of confusions when choosing sunglasses, but the choice between Revo and polarized isn't one of them. All the true Royaux sunglasses have polarized lenses. They reduce strain on your eyes and are completely safe when viewing digital screens, like laptop, phone, or TV. So the next time your mom yells, "Put down your phone, it will harm your eyes!" you can ask her for a better reason to turn it off.

Best Royaux Sunglasses For You

So are you ready for your first Royaux sunglasses? Here are some hand-picked best Royaux Sunglasses for you:

  1. Unisex Frameless Aviator Pretty Boy
  2. Unisex Frameless Sunglasses Autumn Phoenix
  3. Frameless Aviator Sunglasses J Macs
  4. Unisex Square Sunglasses Silver Surfer 



What are royaux sunglasses and their benefits – best royaux sunglasses for you

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