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The Ever Collection brand was created to bring different, beautiful handcrafted designer sunglasses to the now ever growing market. We design bold, powerful, sleek and timeless selections that you can wear anywhere at anytime. All of our pieces are hand drawn, modeled in 3D software and crafted for the perfect finish. 


The Ever Collection team are the masterminds behind the scenes with over a decade of experience designing luxury sunglasses and showcasing beautiful pieces around the world. After successfully launching several high end brands, we wanted to create a line that's beyond anything we every created before. Something stylish, new, something that would turn heads no matter where you are. Shades that could be worn by anyone for any occasion and we did just that. Check out our Revo Coated Collection.  


Our team has spent months researching and designing frames that looking amazing and practical. We've integrated modern designs with the latest technology in our Signature Collection & Revo Coated Collection. They're designed to be scratch & Impact resistant, shatter proof, have amazing color for contrast & can be worn anywhere and everywhere.

Experience it for yourself. “wear your Ever, wherever

The Ever Collection® will not remain silent. Tap HERE to learn more. #BlackLivesMatter Accept More info