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Looking for a funky new pair of shades that will reflect your perky personality without taking you too far off your comfort zone? Oversize and cat eye sunglasses are both excellent options for a lively look. Making things even more confusing, they are both very trendy these days.

So what should you go for? Oversize vs cat eye sunglasses - what will make you look hotter and still be comfortable to wear throughout the day? Let’s check it out and know for sure before picking the next pair.

Oversized Sunglasses

It all began when the First Lady Jackie Kennedy started wearing these in the 60s. Although she opted for oversized shades to keep a low profile, they quickly became the trendiest ones in the market!

More Than Style

Besides being trendy, oversized sunglasses are perfect for taking out on a sunny day since a bigger lens means bigger protection! Since they completely cover your eye, there's no way those harmful UV rays and glares can find their way to the retina. 

Know What Suits You

Oversized sunglasses are for everyone, as long as you know what to pick and how to pull it off without making a fashion disaster! Don’t freak out; it’s not so difficult. Here are some tips:

  • The sunglasses should sit comfortably on your face without touching your cheeks. If they’re touching your cheeks, they’re too big for you.
  • The shades shouldn’t be wider than you face.
  • They shouldn’t be uncomfortable and heavy. With the lightweight oversized frames at Ever collection, like the Ferngully Butterfly, you can enjoy all-day comfort.
  • Smile and see if the shades lift off your nose bridge. If they lift off, they’re not for you.

Cat eye Sunglasses

The iconic cat eye sunglasses have been around since Audrey Hepburn, the British actress of the early 1900s started wearing these. The retro-inspired cat eye style has made a huge comeback, and everyone’s wearing it these days!

What Are The Options

The distinct cat eye shape sunglasses with flared edges come in a variety of different styles. View our hand picked choices for cat eye styles. You won't have a hard time finding out what suits you. You'll find simplistic frames and funkier ones to wear on a day out with friends!

Who Is It For?

As desirable as they are today, they're not for everyone! The retro cat eye look suits better on thin faces. The edges' flared design brings a horizontally elongated effect so don't go for it if you have a broad face already.

What To Pick?

The key lies in choosing what’s best for your style and comfort. Once you feel good wearing it, you can pull it off marvelously!

If you’re having a hard time figuring out the answer to oversize vs cat eye sunglasses, raise a white flag and go for oversized cat eye sunglasses!

Oversize vs cat eye sunglasses: pick the trendiest look of the day

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