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Myths & Facts About Eyesight & Eyeglasses
Eyesight & Eyeglasses: Eyewear products date back to about 2000 years ago when the Inuit Eskimos first made snow goggles from wood, animal bones and leather to protect their eyes from the blinding glare resulting from the snow.  Today we now have more sophisticated sunglasses which are now a staple as far as both fashion and style and functionality are all concerned.
What is polarized glasses really?
Why are polarized lenses unique? Well, they’re coated with a special chemical film that helps reduce glare. We all know that estranged feeling of being blinded by glare, so we don’t necessarily have to go into detail about how glare happens other than light from the sun is reflected off a solid surface or water.
The Ever Collection arrives at Valley View Mall

Roanoke Mayor Sherman Lea looks at the sunglasses selection of The Ever Collection with owner Khristian Michael at the store opening at Valley View Mall. Photo is courtesy of The Ever Collection. By Tiffany Holland The Ever Collection opened this month as a large walk-in style kiosk in an open space on the lower level across from Ben & Jerry's. Co-owner Khristian Michael along with Dominique Hamilton said this was the first Virginia location for the store, which is based in New York and is expanding in shopping centers across the country. The shop sells sunglasses with colorful and modern styles. K...

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