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Sunny days aren't for sitting indoors, waiting for the sun to go down. When enjoying the sun becomes a bit hard with the continuous squinting of eyes, that's when you'll wish you had the perfect sunglasses! Speaking of sunglasses, there isn't a better or a more advanced option today than Revo. Revo eyewear is the talk of the town and for good reasons.

Let's find out what Revo technology is all about, and why do you want it in your sunglasses. You'll also learn where to buy Revo sunglasses with the confidence that you've picked the right deal. 

What is Revo Technology?

Designing supreme quality lenses since 1985, Revo is the industry leader in lens technology. There secret lies in the utilization of a NASA-based light management technology that was initially developed to protect satellites from the sun.

The technology uses a multi-layered Revo coating on sunglasses, protecting your eyes against sun damage, and improving your vision. Effectively managing the complete light spectrum, original Revo sunglasses make your view comfortable, crispier, and clearer.

Are Revo Sunglasses Good - What Are The Benefits?

Still not sure if Revo sunglasses are the ones for you? Let’s check out the benefits:

  • By blocking out 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC, Revo sunglasses make sure that your eyes are safe from any longterm eye problems.
  • Royaux technology manages the complete light spectrum through selective filtering, only allowing safe wavelengths to enter your eyes.
  • HEV (High-energy visible light), also called blue light, is naturally present in sunlight and also emitted by digital screens. It can strain your eye and cause permanent damage in the long run. All Royaux bearing sunglasses block around 95% of blue light, enhancing your vision and eliminating chances of damage.
  • All Royaux sunglasses are built with 99% polarized lens efficiency. By reducing glare and reflections, they make your view clearer.
  • With 6 Best Royaux sunglasses, you won’t ever have problems viewing a digital screen. While the regular polarized sunglasses make it nearly impossible to view phone screens and watches, Royaux's offer a crystal-clear view without compromising your eye health.

How To Choose Royaux For Your Style

Before heading to the Royaux sunglasses sale, it’s vital to know what’s going to suit your style. Here are some quick tips on how to choose your Revo.

  • Face Shape

The shape of your Royaux's should be the opposite of your face shape. Those with square, or long face, can go for our rounded, or aviator varieties like the Aviator Pretty Boy. Those with a round face can go for rectangular pairs, like our Van Man.

  • Hair Color

Your hair color also plays a role. Those with lighter hair look stunning in darker shades because it gives contrast. Gingers can go for neutrals, like black or grey, or make a statement with green Royaux's - Silver Surfer! Black haired shouldn't go for pastels, but black, whites and primary colors will definitely stand out.

  • Skin Tone

Lighter skin tones can go for darker hues. Black shades aren’t the only choice, though they’ll look ravishing! Brown and dark blue are also great options. Orange hues flatter warm medium tones well, while light green and blues complement cool medium skin tones. Neutrals and yellows go wonderfully with darker skins. Pinks, like our Autumn Phoenix, are also a superb choice, especially for cool undertones.

  • TR90 Frames

It’s not all about style. Comfort and durability are just as important. Thanks to the all-new Swiss technology, many modern sunglasses have TR90 frames. They comfortably contour your face shape and are flexible, lightweight, and long lasting, all at the same time.

  • Impact, Shatter And Scratch Resistance

When you take out the time and money to choose your perfect pair, you wouldn’t want it to snap the instant it accidentally drops. Choose poly-carbonate lenses and durable frames that are impact-, shatter-, and scratch-resistant so that it can stay with you for a long time!

6 Best Royaux Sunglasses For This Year

Your hunt for the right shades isn’t complete without the Royaux sunglasses reviews for some of the best picks this year! Here’s a list of the coolest Royaux's to beat the heat this summer.

Autumn Phoenix

Flaunting yourself in bold colors, while also bouncing off those harmful UV radiations isn’t a job for any ordinary pair of sunglasses. Autumn Phoenix keeps your eyes protected and gives off those fiery vibes to add to your alluring personality. Choose these Royaux's in blazing orange or bold black and turn heads your way on a hot summer day!

  • Broad-spectrum UV-400 protection keeps your eyes safe from harmful UV rays.
  • Choose between two striking hues and make a bold statement.
  • The one-size-fits-all design makes it a perfect gift for anyone you love, or yourself!
  • Blocks blue light from digital screens, so you can spend hours on the laptop or phone without a worry!
  • Poly-carbonate material and steel hinges are built to withstand abuse without showing a single scratch.
  • It’s comfortable and trendy to wear all day.

J Macs

J Macs are sleek, cool Royaux bearing sunglasses that'll work perfectly for every occasion. Getting a suntan on the beach, out with friends on a carnival, or street shopping on a hot sunny day - everything becomes way cooler if you have your trusty J Macs on!

  • Frameless, low profile design for a comfortable, unobstructed view.
  • Choose between flaming orange or refreshing blue and look stunning either way!
  • Multi-layered Revo coating for advanced protection against sun reflection and glare.
  • Robust steel frames to stay their best even after years of regular use.
  • Comes with a hard case and microfiber pouch making it the perfect gift for a loved one.

Silver Surfer

Imagine surfing the streets with a pair of vivid Royaux's, spreading your radiant glow everywhere you go? That’s what you want Silver Surfer for. Available in a complete palette of jazzy hues, it completes your personality with that natural charisma you’re looking for.

  • These original Royaux sunglasses come with multi-layered coating for complete eye protection.
  • Blocks UV radiations for longer exposure to the sun without fearing any damage.
  • Unisex design looks equally ravishing on everyone.
  • Choose between a flaming collection of green, black, red and silver hues.
  • The voguish Wayfarer design, rich colors and a unique silver-mirrored lens are just what it takes to get in style!

Emerald City

Elegance isn’t hard to achieve when you have the right shades on. Royaux-coated Emerald City sunglasses are just the accessories to add that desired vibrance to a casual outfit. The gradient lenses in a palette of fresh colors don’t only make the most stylish shades you could ask for; they’re much more than that. Complete Royaux protection means your eyes are 100% safe no matter how long you plan on tanning yourself in the sun!

  • Lightweight, robust design to keep you comfortable and protected for longer.
  • UV 400 protection will keep your eyes safe from the harmful UV rays.
  • Double-barrel steel hinges for a seamless functionality that won’t loose its glow for years.
  • Unisex design with a classic vibrance for all
  • Green, yellow, red or silver - exhaustive choices to match your mood!

Pretty Boy

Want your attire to speak of your classy taste in fashion? Choose our Pretty Boy in beaming blue or purple hues and wear it through countless summers without worrying about ever going out of style. Our Royaux sunglasses sale presents these trendy shades for an all-time dazzling look, no matter what the occasion.

  • Aviator style, highly in demand among the youth, complemented by cool colors for your style.
  • Sturdy, double-reinforced bar means it’s not going to snap no matter how harshly you treat it!
  • Unisex design, equally craved by all.
  • Original Royaux sunglasses, complete with all the protective layers, vital for your eye health.

Simba Tail

Why not try a daring King (or Queen)-of-the-Jungle look with Royaux's all-time favorite - Simba Tail? Surf the streets like you own the place with these bold and brave Revo sunglasses. 100% UV protection is a guarantee while you continue spreading the glow.

  • An extensive collection of colors - yellow, blue and purple.
  • Oil, dirt and shatter resistance for a flawless performance for your upcoming summers.
  • Vibrant colors bring you closer to nature with a hint of wildness.
  • Comfortable for all-day casual wear.

Wrapping It Up!

So it’s as simple as this – Royaux sunglasses aren’t just the hottest new shades of the day, they are a necessity if you want your eyes out of trouble. There are tons of options out there. Pick the Revo that speaks to you and flaunt your new look everywhere you go!


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