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Sunglasses are not a fashion accessory that famous celebrities wear outdoors and indoors alike. Instead, sunglasses are an essential protective eyewear that ever human should own to protect their eyes from potential damage time and time again through environmental hazards and direct exposure to sunlight.

It is important to wear sunglasses as good quality sunglasses make more than just a fashion statement – they prevent your eyes from:

  1. Retinal Damage

Retina is the part of the eye where all images are developed. Whatever you see is pictured on your retina, but continuous exposure to blue light and sunlight can cause macular degeneration which eventually leads to loss of vision. Whenever you are going out make sure to keeps your sunnies with you.

  1. EYE Cancer

Eyelids are a very sensitive part of your eyes, if you expose them to direct sunlight they can become susceptible to skin cancer. You need right protective tactics to keep your eyes safe and sound, hence a pair of nicely coated eye wear could really help you, you can check some out here: https://evercollection.nyc/collections/polarized

  1. Cataracts

This is a very common consequence for corneal damage. Your eyes are very sensitive, but what makes them susceptible long term damage is the missing receptor for pain in eyes hence any damage to your eyes internally goes undetected. Wearing a pair of UV protecting sunglasses will help you prevent UV damage.

  1. Environment Borne infections

Wearing sunglasses can potentially lower your chances of catching an air borne eye infection. It can prevent pink eye infection as well.


Sunglasses are an integral part of eye care and there is no denying that, but one should understand that there is a different pair of glares for every occasion. It is important to Wear Sunglasses to protect your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) light. UV protected glasses provide greater protection in harsh sunlight. Wearing bigger aviators will help you get more coverage and they look fashionable as well so do try those.
Other than taking care of your eyes through sunglasses it is critical for your ophthalmic health to keep a close check on how much are you exposing your eyes to blue light which is correlated with eye damage that results in short sightedness.
Next time when you head out make sure you have your sunscreen on and your sunglasses on as well because eyes are a blessing from God, being able to see clearly is a blessing that not all people have – so cherish it while it is still there.
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