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Microfiber Pouch

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SKU: MFP-190Black

Product Type: Accessories

Vendor: The Ever Collection

Where you keep your luxury sunglasses a big deal! That’s why we bring you this Microfiber Pouch made of a special fine ultra-strong microfiber cloth to protect your valuable shades.

It’s free from any abrasive material and to ensure your branded glasses are safe from scratches. But that’s not all! They have two-in-one functionality. They also serve as your glasses’ special cleaning cloth. Just what you need to keep your shades safe and clean!



  • A smart brand collection that you’ll love to have
  • Easy to carry anytime!
  • Ultra-durable with a lifetime warranty to serve you much longer and better
  • Protect your glasses while serving as their cleaning cloth.
  • Comes with all shades but you purchase separately

Note: For ultimate protection against impact, hard case protection.

Weight: 0-1 oz (28.34 g)

The Ever Collection sunglasses collections has been hand-crafted by skilled artisans using only the finest quality materials. Each piece is carefully packaged and shipped to ensure that each pair is perfect. To ensure years of satisfaction, do not subject your product to extreme temperatures hot or cold. Should your sunglasses be exposed to rain, dust, dirty, oils, sweat or any other outside sources please wipe carefully with the included microfiber soft cloth to minimize any damage. When not in use place your designer sunglasses inside your Protect Hardcase or Microfiber pouch, to ensure safety from scratches or any kind of damage.

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