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Our customers continue to rave about our ‘The Ever Collection of sunglasses.

These swanky pieces are made for the runways and they are nothing short of trendy, stylish and cool. For such an important part of your style and fashion, we feel it’s very necessary that they are used and maintained in the best conditions.

We want you to get the best out of your sunglasses and below are five of the most common things you should be wary of doing to them.

  1. Don’t put the lenses face down

You know very well how easy most lenses can easily get scratched.

You don’t want any visible scratch mark on these shades. If you have to remove your sunglasses, fold the temples carefully and ensure the shade does not come into contact with any surface.

  1. Stop cleaning your sunglasses -with your clothes

A lot of us do this from time to time. It seems easy and tempting but it’s bad.

As it turns out, our clothes often have rough fibers and abrasive material that can easily leave your lenses with rough scratch marks. You’ll be better off with a dedicated lens cleaning cloth or a microfiber pouch. Just throw one inside your sunglasses case and everything would become a lot better.

  1. Stop resting those shades on your head

Okay, some of you may consider this cool and stylish but it may not be good for your sunglasses after all.

Over time, this can stretch the sunglasses and make them unable to fit nicely. It can also be frustrating having these things tangled in your hair as well. If those things are not sitting on your face where they should be, they should either be in their case, held by a retainer, or somewhere safer.

  1. Don’t just dump your glasses in the bag!

You’ll be surprised most of these things are things most of us do most times.

Just dumping your sunglasses in the purse, your bag, or somewhere else may seem very convenient and harmless but it isn’t. Not when there are usually a lot of random things in these purses and bags.

Like we said earlier, your sunglasses case will do a better job of this.

  1. Stop thinking you can’t use your shades year-round

So the weather has dropped already or perhaps snow has started falling and now you feel like you won’t need those pairs again until summer? How I wish you really know how cool you look with these sunglasses right where they belong –on your face!

You see, sunglasses are not supposed to be a one-season thing. They are meant to be all year-round, keeping your eyes protected from UV rays every now and then. Even when winter calls and the snows are falling, these sunglasses will help protect your eyes from the blinding glare that comes with this.

Even when it’s not doing any of these, it effortlessly adds a lot to your style to make you look all glam and cool!

Our ‘The Ever Collection’ of sunglasses are made to be beautiful, durable, and complimentary of your everyday look. We continue to make luxury affordable for all.

Want to experience the difference? Check out The Ever Collection store for sunglasses of various shapes and styles for your style inspirations.

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