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The Best Sunglasses: So summers are just round the corner, it is time to get creative with your look. It’s a season so look the best with minimal effort. After all, you need light and easy clothing to get through the blazing season. So how do you rock that simple summer look? It’s simple, be more intuitive with your accessories. You can totally slay it with a simple outfit if you carry the right accessory with it. And what could be the best addition to your vibrant summer wardrobe, that’s right, a groovy pair of sunglasses that goes the best with your face shape.

Now, first thing first. It is very important to determine your exact face shape. How do you do it? Simple, grab a washable marker or a lipstick, stand an arm length away from your mirror, now carefully draw the outline of your face on the mirror starting from the chin and ending at your hairline. The resulting shape is your face shape.


There are 6 types of face shape:

  • Round shape face
  • Oval shape face
  • Rectangular shape face
  • Square face shape
  • Triangular shape face
  • Heart shape face

Round Shaped Face

They have round chin and no sharp angles. The hairline is round and smooth.

The sunglasses that looks best on round faces are pointed, regular and square glasses such as cat shaped and butterfly shaped glasses with narrow bridges. Such sunglasses with wide frames tend to lengthen your face and contour it close to oval shape thus making your face appear slim. Check out our Bella Cat Eye, they are the perfect fit for anyone with a round face.

The Ever Collection blog How to choose the best sunglasses for your face Round Shape

Oval Shaped Face

They have wider cheekbones and narrow forehead and jawline.

Rectangular, oval and round shaped glasses are most appropriate for such faces. Aviators, cat eye and butterfly sunglasses are what that doesn’t mess with the nice proportion of the oval shaped faces. Frames should be as wide as or slightly wider than your face. This enhances the beautiful cut of the face. Our Round Up Sunnies would be an amazing pick for anyone with an oval shaped face.

The Ever Collection blog How to choose the best sunglasses for your face Oval Shape

Rectangular Shaped Face

These faces have equally proportioned forehead, jaws and cheekbones in width. Chin is broad and hairline is almost straight.

Such faces are ideal for massive looking glasses. Round and large framed glasses matches the best with such faces. Aviators with large frames looks absolutely great on such faces. Transparent lenses with narrow frames are suitable. Have a look at our Love Sunglasses, they may fit this face shape the best.


Square Shaped Face

These faces have more angular lines, with equally wide cheekbones, forehead and jawline.

It is advised not to overload a square shaped face with sharp angled frames but to balance the whole face proportion with round shaped frames. Large glasses, frameless glasses, cat eye glasses, colored frames, oval, and round or tear shaped frames works the best for such face shapes. Pick up our Route Sunglasses if you have a square shaped face.

The Ever Collection blog How to choose the best sunglasses for your face Square Shape

Heart Shaped Face

These faces have the greater length than the width. Forehead is the widest and chin is the narrowest part of the face. The face narrows from forehead to chin.

People with such face shapes should make the lower part of their face appear larger. Bulky or huge appearing sunglasses makes the upper part of the face looks even bigger. So to balance it out, glasses with the equal width as your face are ideal. Such as Aviators, round shaped frames, wayfarers with bright or neutral colored frames. Our Marble Aviators are worth falling in love with, plus they’ll be perfect for heart face shaped ladies.


Triangular Shaped Face

Face is greater length wise than the width. Narrow forehead and cheekbones with a slightly wider chin. The face narrows down towards the temples.

These faces aim to make the upper part of their face appear wider than the lower part. Glasses with square shaped or sharp outlines at the lower part should be avoided. Round glasses with wide embellishment, aviators, frameless glasses and cat eye glasses with see-through lenses are also a good choice with just shaped faces. Check our J Macs, this pair is made for anyone with a triangular shaped face.

The Ever Collection blog How to choose the best sunglasses for your face Triangle Shape

It is very important to find the right fit when you are choosing the glasses. The right fit, prevents the glasses to slip of from your nose even if a drop or two of sweat breaks out. Most sunglasses serve the purpose for larger noses with a higher bridge. Many brands offer a range of different sizes for each of their frame. Sunglasses that comes with nose pads also solves this problem. So when you go shopping for a pair of sunglasses, do take notice of a good fit.

Keep in mind that sunglasses are just not a piece of chic accessory that makes you appear cool and trendy. They do an important job to protect our eyes from harmful UV radiation during hot sunny days and not to forget, they somehow add a unique charm to your overall personality. Tend to invest in good and high-quality lenses such as polarized lenses, as glasses with cheap lenses tend to harm your eyes then to protect them.

The tips given up understanding the best glasses for your face doesn’t only guide you for a perfect pair of sunglasses but also help you choose the correct frame for eyesight glasses if you need them.

Here we are then; hope these tips will help you buy a quality pair of glasses that will last you a long time.

How to choose the best sunglasses for your face

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