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Sunglasses come in all shapes and sizes, so the question is which ones should you have in your collection? Today, we'll be talking about 2019 sunglasses collection and what's worth including in that: 

Round Sunglasses

Let's start off with a basic one; round sunglasses. These sunglasses are a must have because they usually suit everyone's face and look super cute as well. You can opt for a slim and chic pair like our Moon Child sunglasses or go for more of a bulky pair with thick frames and a bit more sass to it. You can pick out both or just stick to one; either way just make sure to own atleast one pair of round sunnies.


Retro Cat Eye

We all love and adore the cat eye trend, but for 2019 sunglasses collection there is a bit of a retro theme going on. These sunglasses were worn by everyone back in the 70’s and now the same thing is happening. All bloggers love this pair and are constantly wearing it, which means you need to add it to your collection right away.

Spotted: @natashandlovu

Oversized Pair

Your 2019 sunglasses collection should have atleast one oversized pair of sunnies to wear on those no makeup days. Your collection is practically incomplete without this, so make sure to include plenty of them. If you don’t have one already then maybe you can check out our Darling Shades pair; you’ll surely fall in love with the quality and look of it.

Spotted: @dressupbuttercup

Something Extra

This particular pair is for days when you want to be a bit extra with your accessories. You can either pick up a funky shaped pair or something that is bedazzled; there are so many ways to go. The next time you’re out shopping and spot an over-the-top pair of sunglasses and think to yourself, “its so cool but where would I wear it?”, buy it right away!

The Skinny Pair

Narrow frames with an extended rectangular or oval shape to it are super cool and definitely worth having in your collection. These sunglasses may not provide too much coverage from the sun but they look nice for pictures, so that’s enough.

Spotted: @kendalljenner

Something Colorful

You want to have something colorful for days when your outfit seems boring. A nice pop of color via your sunglasses can really lift up your look and give it a cool vibe.

Spotted: @toriradday

Get ready to update your 2019 sunglasses collection and add the missing items. Which ones are your missing, btw? Let us know!

The sunglasses collection everyone needs

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